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Activitats mibaDevelopment of the teaching programme of the MIBA (Museum of Ideas and Inventions of Barcelona) aimed at schools. The proposal includes a preliminary game to play in the classroom, a guided tour of the museum and an educational and experiential workshop to promote curiosity, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.
The programme includes specific activities for pre-school, primary education, compulsory secondary education and training cycles.


  What we did?

  • Came up with the concept, structure and objectives.
  • Prepared curricular contents.
  • Created support materials to dynamize the activity.
  • Illustrated, designed and implemented the programmes.
  • Pre-school: “Olivia, the little inventor”.
  • Primary school: “One idea, one invention”.
  • Lower cycle of secondary education: “Ideas that go from your head to your hands”.
  • Upper cycle of secondary education and training cycles: “Creating ideas”.



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