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Game projects

Board gamesWe design children's games as well as family and educational games of all kinds (board games, cards, of skill, electronic…). We cover all the phases of the process, from the initial idea to the production, and any of those which require external expertise.

We also offer expert advice on the suitability of games and toys from an educational and psychological point of view, testing with families, adaptation or translation of contents and marketing actions on the Internet or through applications.


Logotipo programa Creation of the board game dynamics of the TV quiz show “Avanti”, broadcast on Antena 3. The game, published by IMC Toys, allows the players to enjoy all the excitement of the TV quiz show and get through to the final stage of the contest, where they must answer 30 consecutive questions incorrectly.




Logotipo programa Creation and development of a family board game included in the Dixit range (Game of the Year 2009 in Germany). The game has been published in Spain (Homoludicus), France (Libellud) and the rest of the world (Asmodee). In Dixit Jinx each player must try to be the first one to find the image that matches a given clue. Speed and imagination come together in this surprising, dynamic  game providing lots of fun.




juego mesa invizimalsCreation and development of a board game for publisher Falomir Juegos aimed at 6-year old children under the Invizimals licence, a Spanish game for PSP. There are two game modes. In Capture mode, each player will explore wild territories and try to be the first one to capture all the Invizimals. In Combat mode, the players' Invizimals will fight against the remaining ones in an Invizimal Tournament.




juego mesa niñosCreation and development of a children's board game involving manual  skills published in Austria, Germany, France and Russia by publisher Piatnik. In Baobab, players must place their animals on the great jungle tree, making sure the cards that are already on it don't fall. Each animal has its own characteristics and will climb on the tree in a different way.
In 2012, the game won a Spiel Hit, awarded by the Vienna Games Academy (Wiener Spiele Akademie), in the family board games category.



juego mesa ahora caigoCreation of the dynamics and contents of the official board game for children of the TV quiz show “Ahora caigo”, broadcast on Antena 3. The game poses several questions to the players, which they must answer correctly with the aim of being the first player to get 5 medals.



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