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Games + Edutaiment + Training

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Idealúdica is composed of a team of entrepreneurs with an extensive professional background in the recreation, education and communication sectors.


We act as consultants and we develop projects related to games and recreational dynamics as a means of passing on knowledge, information, values and experiences.




We use games as an excellent tool for:


Juego y formaciónEDUCATION. Games provide a motivating and accessible methodology to promote the development of skills and capabilities or to pass on new knowledge.   



  • Our aim is to achieve success for the project and customer satisfaction.


  • We tailor our products to your needs, aims and work methodology.

  • We are committed to offering creativity, innovation and quality.

  • We enjoy doing our job.



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Game and training TRAINING. Simulation games, role plays and recreational dynamics can demonstrate processes and promote a procedural experimentation in a safe environment where we can “learn by doing”.    
Game and communication SOCIAL COMMUNICATION. Games to share information, encourage critical thinking or promote public awareness and participation in common causes.    
Game and marketing MARKETING. Uses games in all its forms for advertising campaigns and to promote customer loyalty and brand positioning strategies.    


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